"Es ist nicht Dada Unsinn ist - aber das Wesen unserer Zeit, dass Unsinn ist."

"It’s not Dada that is nonsense--but the essence of our age that is nonsense."

-The Dadaists

Friday, March 18, 2011

March 13, 1921
            Along with being acquainted with Mr. Hausmann four years ago, I was also introduced to the Dada arts. Dadaism was a new form of art that emerged during World War I in 1916. This movement had its origin in Zurich and quickly corresponded with the outbreak of the devastating war. Dadaism was set forth to depict the purposelessness of life and contradict the society of reason. Raoul had taught me that in general, Dada artists used this movement as a way to protest the bourgeois society and show people that logic, along with bourgeois nationalists had caused the war. Thus much of my work and other Dada artists included irrationality and chaos. It was a new kind of “anti-art”, as many have learned to call it. Through this, we expressed our rejections and thoughts.
            Back in 1915, when I met Raoul, I also became his lover. I was introduced to the Berlin Dada movement, which consisted of its main leaders; John Heartfield, George Grosz, Johannes Baader, Richard Huelsenbeck, and of course Raoul Hausmann. Eventually, I became a Berlin Dadaist as well. I recall Raoul telling me that "Dada... wants over and over again movement: it sees peace only in dynamism." Quickly, I noticed that the Berlin Dada movement was much less “anti-art”. We had focused more on the social and political factors through the use of propaganda and satire. At this point, I was proud to say that I was the sole female member of the Berlin Dada movement. Yes, I did receive discrimination from several men, including Raoul. It was difficult to withstand, but what more could I do. I endured it because I had no other choice. This was my job, my life, and where I belonged. Contributing to my determination was the view of other female artists that aided me in moving forward with my art.  
            In the summer of 1920, the Berlin Dadaist held the First International Dada Fair. We exhibited over 200 works including other artists such as Otto Dix, Max Ernst, Rudolf Schlichter, and Johannes Baargeld. Sadly the exhibition was a disappointment. It seemed we had only made one recorded sale. Despite the lack of popularity, I continued my Dada work and the study of graphic arts. Although the Dada movement was my life, I still longed other forms of expression, thus graphic arts remained in my works.
Rough sketch dealing with the graphic arts. 1920s.
Tailors’s Flower, 1920
More graphic designs. It is clear to see that my job in the The Ullstein Press has impacted my work here. I express a more abstract feel with textures of sowing. It is easy for me to incorporate forms of art other than Dada because of my former job.

            Present day at thirty two years old. I am currently traveling in Prague with my lover, Raoul. Prague has proved to be a spectacular place. I continue to work on more Dadaist forms of art and look forward to more exhibitions.


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