"Es ist nicht Dada Unsinn ist - aber das Wesen unserer Zeit, dass Unsinn ist."

"It’s not Dada that is nonsense--but the essence of our age that is nonsense."

-The Dadaists

Friday, March 25, 2011

December 12, 1943
The later years and closing.
Sea Serpent,  1937
            In the late 1920s and early 30s, my career reached its heights as I became involved in more exhibits and having one woman exhibitions that featured only my artwork. In 1929, I displayed eighteen of my montages in the prominent “Film and Photo” exhibition, which served as one of the first steps to an open, public career. Sadly, in 1933, my public career came to a halt as Adolf Hitler and the Nazis seized power of Germany.
             When the Nazis came to power, they reconstructed Germany as a whole. Political, economic, and social factors were rearranged to satisfy Hitler. Therefore, the new art forms  that arose in the 1920s was now alterenated into the previous nineteenth-century emphasis on the realistic scenes of everyday life. The Nazis believed that they were starting a new authentic German art that would elevate the Aryan race. Thus, many different types of art, including Dadaism, were condemned and forbidden. My colleagues and long-time companions fled to other countries, while I remained in Germany. The ones left behind constructed their artwork quietly and carefully. My position towards the Nazis was rather mutual. I did not support them, but I would not dare to oppose the party. Like others, I continued my life’s work as an artist; however I could not regain my public career as the censorship the Third Reigh was strong.
          Despite the new regime, I still held exhibitions, although it did certainly jeopardize my safety. I had a one person
Never Keep Both Feet on the Ground

exhibit at Kunstzaal d'Audretsch in Hague in 1934. During the same year I held another one person exhibition in Czechoslovakia. A year later, I separated from Brugman and lived in Berlin on my own. In 1938, I married with young businessman and pianist by the name of Kurt Matthies. Unfortunately, we divorced four years later.
            Present time. I am aging every day, but still pursue my passion for the arts. 1943, Germany along with the rest of the world, are at the height of World War II. Hitler and the Nazis have gotten more aggressive and repressive, which is why I must sadly close my online journal. I am now forced to keep a low profile and remain in the background. Censorship prevents me from expressing my inner thoughts and feelings. However, possibly when the war ends, there will be more freedom. If so, I will be sure to reopen my online journal. I am confident that I will continue my work as a female Dada artist. Till next time.
Lebewohl, farewell.   


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